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How to create thumbnails - Brochurecloner.comBrochurecloner.com

How to Create thumbnail images for your App.

When you upload your editions to your app, you also need to upload the thumbnail image of your cover. This displays on the home screen of your app. Creating thumbnails takes a few seconds in Photoshop.

2. How to create your thumbnail

A Thumbnail image of your front covers will appear on the home screen of you App. Creating thumbnails is quick and easy using Adobe Photoshop. Follow the instructions below and then save as a .png file ready to upload to your App.

i. Take a screenshot of your cover, or open an image of your cover.

ii. Under the ‘Image’ menu, select ‘Image Size…’ and change the width to 122 pixels. The height will change automatically (as per image below). Press OK.

iii. Select ‘Save as’ under the ‘File’ menu, and save the file as a PNG file.

vi. Your saved file is now ready to upload, you can close your original image (no need to save here as your PNG file is already saved)